Game Format and Regulations

Pee Wee (99-00) Division is Full Contact and bodychecking shall be permitted

(Maximum of 3 Atom (01-02) level players are allowed to register with the Pee Wee team)

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Bodychecking will not be permitted in the Atom (01-02) Division

(Maximum of 3 Novice (03-04) level players are allowed to register with the Atom team)

Teams who have registered but do not attend will forfeit all points to the originally scheduled teams, and teams will be ranked by point system throughout the league year

Team must have a minimum of 10 skaters and a goalie to start the game in the starting line-up (from the submitted roster).

All players must wear a neck guard

All players must wear a mouth guard

All Players must wear helmets at all-times while on ice and on the player’s benches unless otherwise advised by the referee (example: for team pictures or award presentation)

Teams must wear matching socks and the correct jerseys with the appropriate “stop” patches, and wearing full face masks

Teams must have matching Home (white) and Away (dark) set of jerseys – 2 in total for all players.

The basic color shall cover approximately 80 percent of each part of the equipment, excluding names and numbers. Color of jersey should be stated on the registration form.

Teams not following the regulation above for an AYHL game will forfeit that game

Warm Up: 3 minutes, then both teams go to their respective blue line to wait for signal from referee to salute each other. After salute, players then proceed to bench. Coaches will have 30 seconds to address their team before play begins.

After the game, players will line up on their respective blue line and salute each other on referees’  signal in a sign of sportsmanship. Player of the game will be announced for each team. Players will then line up and shake hands with the other team, and then players will also shake hands with the referee and linesmen.

3 periods of 15 minutes each (running clock format), Intermission: 45 seconds, Time-Out: 30 seconds (Playoff Game Only)

All games are played in running clock format. However, if the goal differential is 2 or fewer in the last 2 minutes of the 3rd period, the game will be played in stop clock mode

Winner in regulation will get 3 points. If tied after regulation, each team will receive 1 point, and then proceed to the shoot-out: 3 shooters from each team will participate. The winner of the shootout will get 1 extra point. If game remains tied after shootout, no extra point will be awarded.

Playoff games will have a 5-minute running time 4-on-4 sudden death overtime with the last minute being stop clock mode. If the game remains tied after overtime, the shootout format will be used to determine the winner.

Playoff shootouts that are still tied after 3 shooters shall continue with a 1-for-1 sudden death format.  No player may shoot a 2nd time unless every eligible player on the team has already taken a shot.

Teams will be ranked by point system throughout the league year

Teams will be played in Round Robin Format and their ranking in the league will determine playoff leg match-ups

Winner of the Youth Hockey League (Asia Region) will be determined at the last leg of the league (Playoffs)

In case of any dispute, the referee’s decision shall be final.

Sorting Order
Goal Differential
Total Goal For
Total Penalty Minutes (fewest)
Head to Head
League (Registration and Check-in)
Registration Form must be filled for each player of respective team and sent to Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club for approval.

Official rosters submitted cannot be altered after the League begins

Copies of passports or Identification Card (ID card) must also be submitted with official rosters

All students’ passes will be checked before each game before they participate in any game.

Please arrive to the rink early for registration
Player of the Game will be chosen for each match by their own coach.

AYHL On-Ice Officials
There will be 3 On-Ice Officials for each AYHL Game (1 Referee and 2 Linesmen).  And all the On-Ice and Off-Ice Officials will be organized by the League and its co-organizers.

Face offs - Face offs following the calling of a penalty will be conducted in the end-zone of the offending team. In the case of co-incidental penalties, the face off will be conducted at the point of last play.

Icing - Teams who commit an icing are not permitted to change players until play has resumed. Change of players will be permitted after an icing only if a penalty situation occurs during the same stoppage which results in a change of on-ice strength. Change of players is still not permitted should a team call a time-out. For the first offense, a warning shall be issued from the referee to the offending team, and any subsequent infractions shall result in a Bench Minor penalty.

In all Divisions, checking to the head will not be tolerated, and penalties shall be assessed in every instance a check is delivered to an opponent above their shoulders. Referees have the discretion to assess a Minor and Misconduct penalty, a Major and Game Misconduct penalty, or a Match penalty to any player based on the severity of the penalty. Any infraction that results in an injury shall automatically receive a Major and Game Misconduct penalty or Match penalty.

In all Divisions, Checking From Behind will not be tolerated.  Any player penalized for Checking From Behind, regardless of intent, shall receive a Minor and Misconduct penalty, Major and Game Misconduct Penalty, or Match Penalty.  Any infraction under this rule that results in an injury shall automatically receive a Major and Game Misconduct Penalty or Match penalty.

In all Divisions, High sticking penalties resulting in an injury or which draws blood will not be tolerated.  Any player penalized for a High sticking penalty which results in injury or which draws blood will receive a Double Minor Penalty 2+2. A double minor penalty is considered as 1 penalty.

All Major penalties shall incur an automatic Game Misconduct.

Any player who receives 3 penalties of any kind in a single game shall automatically be ejected from that game. Game Ejections do not result in suspension.

Any player who has received a Game Misconduct or Match penalty shall be ruled off the ice for the remainder of the game and will NOT be eligible to participate in a shoot-out until their suspension has been served.

Game Misconducts occurring during regulation time shall result in the player being removed from the ice for the remainder of the game.

Any Game Misconduct received in the last 10 minutes of regulation play, or any time in overtime shall result in a 1-game suspension which will be served in the players’ next game.

Any player receiving a Match penalty shall be ruled off the ice for the remainder of the game and suspended indefinitely, at the League’s discretion.

* The league has the right to make all final decisions *
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