Mission ︰

To develop and promote elite youth ice hockey for the future of the sport in Asia;
Enhance cohesion and cooperation through hosting a major league;




Introduction ︰

Over the past decade, the ice hockey cities in Asia, including Beijing, Taipei, Singapore, Harbin and Hong Kong have matured, and many of the events held in those respective countries have garnered extensive coverage and publicity. This commited group of young players is impressive and rapidly growing throughout Aisa. They should not be ignored.

To strengthen the major cities in Asia and to encourage more exchanges between youth hockey, from 2011 onwards, Beijing, Harbin, Taipei and Hong Kong and other cities with their respective hockey organizations, will work together to form the Youth Hockey League (Asia Region).  It is designed to make ice hockey reach urban areas, extend to the Asia Pacific region and to provide an elite youth hockey league platform. It will identify more ice hockey players in order to stimulate and promote hockey in Asia and in other developing cities.

2010/11 is expected to have 3 contests with points accumulated through the ice hockey season. The top 2 teams will participate in the Championship Game. The first station is in Hong Kong, the second will be in Beijing, and the third station will be in Harbin.



為加強亞洲地區各大城市之間的少年冰球交流,由 2011 年起, 北京、哈爾濱、台北及香港等城市的各冰球組織,將會攜手籌組亞洲青少年冰球聯賽,旨在使冰球運動衝出城市地域,推廣至亞太區,為亞洲地區青少年冰球菁英提供一個聯賽平台,發掘更多冰球運動員人才,藉以帶動、促進亞洲地區各城市的冰球發展。

2010/11年度預計比賽共 3 站,並以整年度比賽之積分高低決定各城市名次。冠軍殊榮將由挑戰賽排名第1及第2位角逐。第1 站為香港、第2 站為北京,第3 站為哈爾濱。

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